Mommy and Baby – Arty Chronicles

A few weeks back, my daughter who loves to paint and just generally draw random pictures with her crayons or pencils; mentioned that she was bored. Her solution to her boredom….”Mama… can I watch some cartoons on the laptop?” I am constantly having to hear this dialogue from her (all of 4 years). I do […]

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Mandalas and my tryst with them

Sometime mid last year, when I was still living in my birth country India; I came upon an article in a newspaper titled “When hobbies take wing” (written by Deepa Ballal whose article was featured in Deccan Herald). My eyes were drawn to her statement which said“TIME TO RECHARGE…Step away from your phone, switch off […]

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A major fan of the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes, I came across this quote – “As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance. “Rhune_Arts” started as a dream, post my move from my beautiful and culturally rich birth county India; to another beautiful land of inspirations […]

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